Lone behold! We’ve done it again! I have concocted a SHAKE-not smoothie (shakes are yummier)- that tastes like something from Sonic. But way better for you. Added bonus if you drink it after a great workout!

First you need to peel and freeze ripe bananas. This is nice because frozen things stay good ’till you want to use them. I hate to see food go to waste, so this works for me!


Take one of those frozen bananas and plop it into your blender.


1 cup vanilla UNSWEETENED almond milk.

a pinch of sea salt (My almond butter isn’t very salty… this gives it more of a peanut butter vibe.)

a fat tablespoon of almond butter

HALF scoop of “Jay Robb’s” egg white vanilla protein (we don’t want to bulk up!)

Then let the magic begin…

LIQUIFY THAT BABY and grab a jumbo straw! This should have the consistency of a real ice cream shake…SO good!

If its too thick and won’t blend, slowly add more almond milk until you reach your desired consistency.


Photo cred: instagram.com/mizzhogan