Boxed wine? Thats what I asked myself when my neighbor, Chip brought a Bota Box over. I was of course, very thankful (not many people do the “old school” bring-a-bottle-of-wine-over thing anymore), but very intrigued, and slightly doubtful that this sucker could measure up to my picky palate.

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised! Not only did Chip bring wine over, but he brought four bottles worth! Yep! This lil thang packs the equivallent of FOUR bottles of wine. And I’m not gonna lie- taste wise, it’s like the wine you would get at a fine steak house. New addiction!

Bota Box makes almost every category of wine, and all of them are delicious. This wine erases all previous assumptions of what boxed wine is about. Yes, it is ¬†“cheap” for the amount of wine you’re getting. But the quality will make you wonder why they don’t charge more for it. (Maybe they are just really nice people that just want to give wine away to people like me… Maybe its a hobby…) Probably not, but it sure makes you start thinking things like that. When I drink this wine, I feel a genuine sense of gratitude toward the person behind the operation. THANK YOU for giving me an exceptional product and not ripping me off!


I especially adore the packaging because of four attributes:

1. The wine is preserved more than twice the amount of time than a bottle you stick a cork back in. So if its just you nursing it, it will last!

2. It has a tap. They call it a “flex-tap.” Oh, you fancy, huh?

3. Super portable. It even has a little handle! (It’s the small things in life…)

4. Recyclable. They love the earth. ‘Nuff said.


Right now I’m sipping on my new obsession: Bota’s Shiraz. Its buttery and rich, while having a snappy, fruity undertone. So nice to end the day with! ¬†Bota Box is changing the way I look at boxed wine. I’m officially in love.






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