This dressing is SO fresh and so delicious, I find myself drinking it from the salad bowl once the lettuce is gone! It is seriously bs free, and seriously addicting. I make double batches and put the other half in a glass dressing bottle, stick it in the fridge, and save it for later. Since it has citrus in it, it will last a few days. It’s really good poured over grilled chicken with melted mozzarella cheese, or even over pasta! But in this case, we’ll stick to salad.


In a blender (I use the “Ninja”)…



1/2 a bushel of fresh cilantro, with stems (about 30-40 sprigs)

2 heaping tablespoons of Veganaise (or any mayo you prefer)

the juice of one small lime

2 tablespoons of olive oil

3 fresh garlic cloves (peeled)

1/2 teaspoon sea salt

cracked black pepper to taste

For a super healthy salad, I love this dressing over fresh-chopped, ice cold romaine lettuce with red onion and cherry tomatoes cut in half. It really doesn’t need anything else! BUT since this falls into the southwestern food vibe, you CAN go crazy with shredded cheese, tortilla strips, shredded chicken seasoned with taco seasoning, avocado, etc.! Go crazy and let me know what you used it on in the comment area below!