Summer is here! And if you’re anything like me, you probably want to enjoy the heat without feeling bloated, dehydrated, and guilty over what you’re drinking… (hello, sugar hangover!) The only problem is- I also want it to taste good. Yes, I am your typical woman. I get emotional over just the anticipation of going on a diet. Knowing I will be depriving myself of all the things I love – Bread, butter, fruity martinis, all the stuff that makes life worth living – makes me want to crawl into a snuggie and binge-eat a jar of Nutella. See? We’re just alike! But I am determined to find the exact, better-for-you clones of all the things I love to eat and drink. So lets begin here: A sparkling, Pina Colada on ice!

(21 and up please!)

1 shot of Vanilla Vodka

1 shot of Coconut Rum

1/2 cup of Soda Water (NOT tonic)

2 shots of pineapple juice (don’t get crazy)

Juice of half a lime

pour over ice, stir

Tip: I always find that adding decorations to your drink really enhances the experience. So dress it up with a lime or pineapple wedge, an umbrella and a crazy straw. You get to have your naughty drink, AND keep your good-looking summer body too!



(Please drink responsibly.)


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