I like to say this is a “neon” salad because of its bright colors. The oranges and beet juice mixed together really do give it a bright pink hue! This is the salad/appetizer you break out to impress guests, and it requires very little time and effort!

If you want to go totally fresh and peel, boil and slice your beets yourself, go right ahead. If you’re looking for a heathy- yet  quick way to make this, then buy canned, sliced beets.

This  doesn’t really require measuring, you simply make what you want to eat. But I’ll list what I get from the store. I normally do an even beet to orange ratio.

3 oranges

2 cans of sliced beets

1/4 red onion

Crumbled goat cheese


agave nectar or honey

sea salt

olive oil

Here we go:

Slice your beets, red onion, and oranges in very thin slices.  Mix together in a bowl, and spoon mixture on to plate. Sprinkle with olive oil, honey or agave, walnuts, and sea salt. (goat cheese optional) Use left over beet juice to drizzle on plate for decoration.

It’s really THAT simple. I just had to post this because sometimes we don’t think things like this will go together until someone like me tries some crazy you-know-what! And you’ll be glad I did- this is DELICIOUS!


Photo cred: Instagram.com/mizzhogan